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Amnesty Film Festival 2017 第6回映画祭


January 28th (Sat) Doors open 10:30 Showing from11:00


The Return to Homs (documentary)
Since 2011 Syria has moved towards civil war. A young man who has been working to achieve democratization through music finally picks up a rifle. Another young man has continued recording while promoting non-violence. This documentary follows young Syrians in wartime.

Arabic (Japanese subtitles)
Director: Talal Derki (89 min) 2013

The True Cost (documentary)
As the price of clothes falls, the cost to those producing them and to the environment has increased dramatically. This film shines a light on the fast fashion industry and asks "Who pays the price for our clothing?" and comments "My god! We can better than this!"

Mainly English, Bengalee (Japanese subtitles)
Director: Andrew Morgan (92 min) 2015
Talk Event

(C) Copyright 2015 The Man Who Mends Women All Rights Reserved.
The Man Who Mends Women (documentary)
While the flames of war continue to burn in the People's Republic of Congo, a gynaecologist, Dr Mukwege, has devoted himself to the treatment and psychological support of women suffering from sexual violence, despite the threats on his own life. Along with the women's shocking testimony the film explores the background of conflict minerals

French, Swahili, English & Mashi (French/Japanese subtitles)
Directors: Thierry Michel & Colette Braeckman (113 min) 2015

(C) newstyle
Sorairo no Symphony (documentary)
In a world which includes hate speech and the exclusion and discrimination of high school students, students of the Korean school talk of their dreams with bright smiles and song. This is a must-see look at a side of North Korea that the Japanese media hardly ever cover.

Japanese, Korean (Japanese subtitles)
Director: Park Yeong-I (95 min) 2016

January 29th (Sun) Doors open 10:00 Showing from10:30


(C) Vik Muniz Studio
Waste Land (documentary)
Waste Land takes us to the world's largest landfill, Jardim Gramacho, outside Rio de Janeiro, with the artist Vik Muniz to collaborate with a lively group of workers sorting and collecting recyclable materials. They work in a co-operative and dream of improving life for their community. By creating a surprising artwork from refuse under the direction of Vik Muniz, the workers find their way to the most prestigious auction house in London. The money made by selling the artworks as well as the prize money from film awards was given back to the community. Waste Land received unanimously positive reviews as "an uplifting portrait of the power of art and the dignity of the human spirit." It has received over 50 awards.

English, Portuguese (Japanese subtitles)
Director: Lucy Walker (98 min) 2011

Sweet Bean (Original title: An), (drama)
Sentaro, a dorayaki shop owner, putting up a notice to find a co-worker, is approached by Tokue, an old lady suffering from deformed hands, whose dream has been to work in a dorayaki shop. After turning her down, he finds out that she is really talented at making sweet red bean paste (an) and hires her. The business grows, yet some rumours regarding Tokue's sickness leads customers away and Tokue has to go. Sentaro and his young friend Wakana discover more of Tokue's hard life caused by leprosy. Sweet Bean was screened at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and other festivals. The film received generally positive notices and is one of New York Times Critic's Pick.

Japanese (Japanese subtitles)
Director:Naomi Kawase (113min) 2015
Talk Event

The Collaborator and His Family (documentary)
The prize-winning film is a chronicle of family, assimilation and espionage that follows the El-Akels, a Palestinian family whose father, Ibrahim, has been a collaborator out of ideology with the Israeli security services for 20 years. Branded as traitors by Palestinians, the entire family fled to Israel seeking asylum as promised by Ibrahim's Israeli 'operator.' Over a two-and-a-half-year period, as each day passes with no progress towards citizenship, tension builds within the family. Alienated and humiliated, Ibrahim's wife Yusra and their children bear the consequences of Ibrahim's decision while struggling to assimilate into Israeli society. Co-directors Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz gain intimate access to the hardest moments the family face, observing as each connecting thread between family members unravels. This unflinching documentary highlights the experience of the many who risk their lives to collaborate with an enemy.Karina Rotenstein, Hot Docs, IMDB

Hebrew/Arabic (Eng Subtitles)
Directors: Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz (84 min) 2011

(C) 2011-Concorde Films
Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland (comedy)
This film tells the story of a Turkish immigrant family in Germany. Three generations after having emigrated in the 1960s, the family goes back to Turkey after buying a house there. This film humorously questions the very concept of a home, seen from different generations and across frontiers. The film has won 10 awards and 5 nominations.

German, Turkish (Japanese Subtitles)
German Director:Yasemin Samdereli (101 min) 2011


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