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13 Jun 2013 (Suspended)
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3 Jun 2013 (Updated)
24 Apr 2013 (Updated)
15 Apr 2013
Gender: Female
13 Jul 2013
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13 Jun 2013
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Beatriz’s doctors performed a caesarean section on 3 June, ending her pregnancy. Beatriz’s life is no longer in imminent danger and no further action is required.

On 3 June the Salvadoran government finally acted to prevent Beatriz from dying. Beatriz was given a caesarean section. She is now recovering in hospital. As predicted by doctors, the foetus survived just a few hours, as it was born without large parts of its head and brain.

Amnesty International welcomes the news that Beatriz' life is no longer in imminent danger, and that the government finally took action to provide her the treatment she needed to survive. However, we deplore the fact that for over two months, Beatriz waited in anguish and ill-health, not knowing if she would survive her pregnancy.

No woman or girl should experience such discrimination and torture when trying to access life-saving medical treatment – including abortion if necessary, in El Salvador or anywhere else in the world. The Salvadoran government must now act to end the total ban on abortion and bring its legislation into line with international human rights standards. Laws must not tie the hands of doctors, or prevent girls from accessing a treatment which is necessary, as in this case, to save their lives or health. Amnesty International will to continue to campaign to ensure that abortion is decriminalised under all circumstances in El Salvador and elsewhere.

Many thanks to all of you who took action on Beatriz’s case. Because of you and other activists in El Salvador and internationally, Beatriz was not alone and the government felt pressure to act. Alongside the Agrupación Ciudadana (the Salvadoran NGO which worked tirelessly on her behalf), over 170,000 Amnesty International activists across the world took action to demand that Beatriz’s human rights were upheld.

Many thanks for all your efforts. No further action is required.

This is the fourth update of UA 93/13. Further information: http://amnesty.org/en/library/info/AMR29/006/2013/en

Name: Beatriz

Gender m/f: Female

Further information on UA: 93/13 Index: AMR 29/007/2013 Issue Date: 7 June 2013