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【オンライン】Freedom Toast Cafe: How Does Climate Change Impact Human Rights?/勉強会:気候変動は人権にどのような影響を及ぼすのか?

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  4. 【オンライン】Freedom Toast Cafe: How Does Climate Change Impact Human Rights?/勉強会:気候変動は人権にどのような影響を及ぼすのか?


Freedom Toast Cafe: How Does Climate Change Impact Human Rights?

Living in the shadow of Coronavirus, two things have become patently obvious. The first is that listening to the warning of experts with the relevant knowledge in the field is essential. The second is that rights that we take for granted such as freedom of movement, right of assembly and the right to health are tenuous.
With this reality confronting us, there has been another crisis that scientists have been warning us about which will also deprive us of basic human rights if we don't mitigate it's effects....

Climate change is a topic that has been much discussed in light of events such as the recent bushfires in Australia, Typhoon Hagibis across the greater Asian continent and the large-scale clearance in the Amazon conducted for illegal ranching. So much of this seems to be beyond the understanding of so many when it comes to lived experience or scientific understanding. Yet should it be allowed to continue, the fundamental human rights that we all enjoy and want for our friends, family and children, such as a good education, peaceful neighborhoods, access to food, sanitation and health care, the right to live where one wants to, can no longer be guaranteed.

To bring both a lived experience of disasters borne of climate change as well as scientific expertise to this discussion, Amnesty International Nagoya Multicultural Group (Provisional) will be holding it's first Freedom Toast Café panel discussion on the 17th of May from 6PM (JST) on Zoom entitled 'How Does Climate Change Impact Human Rights?'






May 17th 6PM/5月17日(日) 18:00-


Online/オンライン (Online access as well as payment details will be sent upon us receiving your application from the URL listed below/申し込まれた方に、メールで支払い方法とログイン情報をお知らせします)

Entry fee/参加費

¥500 (All monies will be donated to Amnesty International Japan/すべてアムネスティへの寄付になります)

Maximum Attendance/定員

30 people(Attendance is not limited to people living in the Aichi region or Japan/国、在所を問わず、だれでも参加できます)


◼️Marinel Sumook Ubaldo/マリネル・スモーク・ウバルド

Globally renowned climate change and human rights activist and organizer of the first Philippines Climate Strike/国際的な地球温暖化の問題に取り組む活動家。フィリピンでの気候変動マーチの創立者

> Nobel Women's Initiative
> 講演会「気候危機から未来を守るのは私たち」

◼️Professor Masao Takano/高野雅夫教授

Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Nagoya University/大学環境研究科地球環境科専攻名古屋大学

> Nagoya University Global COE Program


※The event will be held along the lines of a panel discussion along the lines of a Q&A format. Attendees will be given the chance to put questions to both Professor Takano and Marinel./質疑応答に基づいたパネルディスカッションの形で行います。パネルディスカッションの後、参加者はゲストスピーカーに気軽に質問することができます。

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