English and Bilingual Groups in Japan

■ TOKYO: AITEN (Amnesty International Tokyo English Network) (ex-Group 78)


We are a multinational English-language group; we welcome non-native speakers. To understand what we did before Covid, watch our intro video above. Since Covid we have met mostly via Zoom, but plan to return to regular monthly in-person meetings after the summer.

To join our next Zoom seminar, join our mailing list or ask a question:


Meets monthly(2nd Tuesday 19:00-), at the AI Japan office. Meetings include letter-signing of our Action File(India and Vietnam), and of our anti-death penalty campaign for Vietnam. Also includes letter writing for Japan’s minister of justice asking for abolishment of death penalty in Japan.


Meets monthly(4th Sunday from 6-8)


Our group has 21 people. Around Nara city we work on Amnesty International activity.We hold a monthly meeting. New menbers are always welcome !


Meets monthly(2nd Saturday 19:00-)

■ Osaka Multicultural GROUP (NO.95)

G95 is the only English-language group in Osaka. The group consists of a diverse set of people of various ages, nationalities, experiences and interests who enjoy discussions on a variety of topics ranging from Human Rights issues to Advocacy and Outreach. One of our primary goals at G95 is to encourage young people to get more involved with Human Rights work. The group holds monthly meetings to discuss human rights, advocacy and cultural differences, and hopes to expand to organising events in the future.

If you're interested in any of our activities, please feel free to contact us:
E-mail amnestyosaka@gmail.com | Facebook

■ Nagoya Multicultural Group (AINMCG) (NO.168)

The Amnesty International Nagoya Multicultural Group (AINMCG) was founded in August, 2019. We hold meetings in principle on the fourth weekend of each month. Our group's members come from numerous linguistic, gender, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Yet, all of us uphold Amnesty's core mission of defending human rights and human rights defenders worldwide, whether these are either social, civil, economic, or cultural rights. While our lingua franca is English, we are not necessarily an 'English Language Group'. We are open to all, regardless of first language, who fight for the oppressed, disadvantaged and discriminated against.

e-mail amnestynagoymcg@gmail.com | Facebook | Twitter @aimcg_nagoya | Instagram @aimcg_nagoya