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24 Aug 2012 (Suspended)
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5 Jul 2012
Rashida Shams al-Din
Gender m/f: Female
24 Sep 2012
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24 Aug 2012
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Rashida Shams al-Din, an activist from Sudan’s youth movement Girifna, was released on 16 August after being detained incommunicado by the National Security Service (NSS) for over seven weeks.

Rashida Shams al-Din was arrested in the early hours of 24 June, after leaving a wedding. She did not return home that night and her family did not hear from her until 26 June, when the NSS confirmed to Rashida Shams al-Din’s relative that she was being held in NSS custody at an undisclosed location. She was detained incommunicado without access to her relatives or a lawyer for over seven weeks. The conditions in which she was held during her detention were appalling, and Amnesty International believes this may amount to torture and other ill-treatment.

Twenty-eight-year old Rashida Shams al-Din lives in the Al-Shajara area of Khartoum and is a law student at the Open University of Sudan. She is a member of Girifna, a youth movement which has been involved in demonstrations criticizing the government, particularly in recent months.


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This is the first update of UA 187/12. Further information: http://amnesty.org/en/library/info/AFR54/028/2012/en

Name: Rashida Shams al-Din
Gender m/f: Female

Further information on UA: 187/12 Index: AFR 54/043/2012 Issue Date: 23 August 2012