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26 Dec 2013 (Suspended)
Roma families in Pendik, Turkey
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26 Jan 2014
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26 Dec 2013
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Officials from the Prefecture have informed the Roma families that they will receive fuel for heating and other funding during the winter period. In addition, the Mayor of Pendik has stated that they do not have jurisdiction over the area where the families are currently located and that in any case, they would not carry out forced evictions.

Following an Urgent Action appeal on 12 December, the Pendik district Mayor has stated that although the area where the families currently reside is within its geographic boundaries, the municipality does not have jurisdiction over the area. They had therefore not carried out any demolitions and nor do they intend to carry out an eviction. The Mayor also responded to the many appeals he received directly.

As of 18 December it is still unclear who twice carried out demolitions of housing during summer 2013. In the meantime, the families were visited by the authorities and told they would receive coal for heating and some money.

The Ministry of Families and Social Affairs, who were copied in the Urgent Action, have responded to some appeals stating that they are looking into the case.

No further action is requested from the UA network at this time. Many thanks to those who sent appeals. The regional team is currently monitoring the situation and will take further campaigning action as necessary.

Name: Roma families in Pendik, Turkey

Gender m/f: both