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25 Aug 2016 (Suspended)
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15 Aug 2016
Ghina Ahmad Wadi
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25 Sep 2016
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25 Aug 2016
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Ghina Ahmad Wadi, a 10-year-old girl seriously wounded by sniper fire at a Syrian government checkpoint on 2 August, was successfully evacuated to Damascus to receive the urgent surgery she needed.

Ghina Ahmad Wadi, a 10-year-old Syrian girl shot in the leg on 2 August by a sniper at a government checkpoint in Madaya, a town west of Damascus besieged by Syrian government forces in alliance with Hizbullah fighters, was evacuated to a hospital in Damascus on 13 August to receive the urgent surgery she needed. 

Ghina Ahmad Wadi and her 8-year-old sister were on their way to buy medicine for their mother at around 11am on 2 August when they were both wounded at Abdel Majed checkpoint in Madaya. The Syrian government forces had blocked her evacuation to a hospital to receive urgently needed surgery. A relative said that Ghina Ahmad Wadi was shot in her left thigh by a sniper, causing a complex bone fracture and a nerve cut. She added that her sister was also injured.

According to the Syrian Red Crescent, Ghina Ahmad Wadi and her mother were escorted from the besieged town of Madaya to Damascus overnight on 13 August. Ghina Ahmad Wadi’s surgery was successful and she is currently recovering. 

No further action is requested from UA network. Thank you to all those who sent appeals.