REPUBLIC OF IRAQ: Iraq: Amnesty International to observe trial of Saddam Hussein

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26 Oct 2005
Topic: Fight Against Terrorism and Human Rights
A three-person delegation of Amnesty International has arrived in Baghdad to observe the opening session of the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and seven former Iraqi officials, due to take place on Wednesday, 19 October in Baghdad.
Amnesty International is attending and observing the trial in order to assess its fairness and to make clear the organisation's commitment to helping ensure that victims of human rights abuses gain access to justice, both for its own sake and as an important element in breaking the cycle of impunity that often facilitates gross human rights violations.

Amnesty International considers the trial as an important first step towards this end and towards bringing justice and reparation for victims of abuses committed during that time.

The organization is concerned that Saddam Hussein and his co-accused should receive a fair trial, one that satisfies international fair trial standards, both as a matter of principle and also because this trial may establish the pattern for further trials in the future of persons accused of perpetrating gross human rights abuses in Iraq in former years. Fair trials for alleged perpetrators are essential if victims of human rights abuses are truly to obtain justice. Amnesty International is concerned also that Saddam Hussein and his co-accused, if convicted, should not be sentenced to death and executed.

For over three decades, Amnesty International documented massive and gross violations of human rights under the government of Saddam Hussein and called repeatedly on the international community to act. It is important that justice is delivered for thousands of victims of abuses and that this is done through fair trial proceedings. This has paramount importance for the future of human rights in the country.

AI Index: MDE 14/037/2005 (Public)
18 October 2005

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