RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Syria vote increases Russia’s isolation

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23 Feb 2012
[International Secretariat]
Topic: Year of Rebellion Human rights in the Middle East and North Africa

In response to the UN General Assembly vote in which 137 states voted in favour of a resolution condemning the Syrian government’s crackdown that has killed more than 5,700 people over the last 11 months, Jose Luis Diaz, Amnesty International’s Head of UN Office New York, said:

“The vote sends a clear and unequivocal message from the international community to Syria to immediately end the brutal assault against innocent people.”

“Crimes against humanity are taking place in Syria. Whilst Russia and a handful of states continue to shield Syria the result of today’s vote shows they are increasingly isolated.”

“It is long overdue for the international community to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court; put in place a comprehensive arms embargo and to freeze the assets of Bashar al-Assad and other top officials. Those states that continue to block moves to end the crackdown will have innocent blood on their hands.”

16 February 2012

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