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PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: UN: China fails to scupper resolution on Myanmar’s persecution of Rohingya

12 Dec 2017
[International Secretariat]
Topic: Indigenous people Minority group

In today’s resolution, the UN Human Rights Council condemned the systematic and gross violations of human rights in Myanmar, in particular against the Rohingya in Rakhine State. 33 voted in favour, the three votes against, and nine states abstained from today’s vote.

China, Philippines and Burundi voted down a UN Human Rights Council resolution on the situation of the Rohingya and other minorities in Myanmar.

“The adoption of today’s resolution demonstrates the broad international concern about the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people so brutally impacted by the ongoing crimes against humanity in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. By voting against it, China and others showed how woefully out of step they are with world opinion on the crisis.

“China has the diplomatic, humanitarian and economic resources to make a real difference in the lives of the Rohingya. But its current maneuvering simply seeks to intervene only to preserve impunity for horrific crimes.

“Thankfully, the resolution passed despite its detractors, and states across all regions of the world engaged positively on it. The international community must now redouble efforts to urge Myanmar’s authorities, and in particular its military leadership, to immediately stop the violence and discrimination against Rohingya and other minorities, and allow unfettered access to the UN Fact-Finding Mission, humanitarian aid and independent human rights monitors.

“This is crucial to lay the groundwork for accountability for atrocities against Rohingya women, men and children, as well as to ensure the voluntary, safe and dignified return of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees.”

5 December 2017

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