REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES: Duterte’s human rights smears a “classic diversionary tactic”

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1 Aug 2018
[International Secretariat]

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte today attacked critics of his deadly ‘war on drugs’, telling human rights activists: “your concern is human rights, mine is human lives” and promising the continuation of a “relentless and chilling” campaign. In response, Rachel Chhoa Howard, Amnesty International’s Philippines Researcher, said:

“Thousands of people in the Philippines have died as a direct result of President Duterte’s murderous policies, which have mostly targeted the country’s poorest people. Duterte’s claim to be a defender of human life is an insult to the families of these victims, especially coming after his public vow to continue the killings, which Amnesty International considers to be a crime against humanity.

“The right to life is a human right and the distinction President Duterte is trying to draw is completely false. While human rights groups have decried the thousands of extrajudicial executions carried out in the guise of an anti-drugs campaign, President Duterte has bragged about the slaughter and actively incited more violence.

“Smearing human rights groups is a classic diversionary tactic of rights abusers the world over. Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency has been characterized by bravado, bloodshed and threats against his critics – sadly, as he enters his third year in power, the Filipino people look to be facing more of the same.”

23 July 2018

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