REPUBLIC OF SUDAN: Sudan: New Janjawid attacks as UN evacuates staff

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8 Dec 2006
Topic: Regional conflict
As the UN evacuates staff from the main Darfur town of El Fasher today because of the growing threat from armed groups, Amnesty International has learnt of new attacks in the region carried out by the Janjawid militia. In a new development, the attackers were mostly in vehicles rather than on horseback in one of the raids.
4 December 2006 7.00amFive people were killed when an attack was carried out eastwards from Um Sayaala towards Shek Gubah: Abdullah Moh Ahmed Sumoh, Ibrahim Moh Ahmed Sumoh, Ismail Idriss, one unnamed woman and her baby. Seven people were injured, one seriously.

The attackers went on to Hashaba Junub and the village of Um Sheiraina where they burned a grain mill or tahuna. They continued on to Hashabab Wasit and finally based themselves in Um Sidir.

The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) has no presence nearby and did not engage in the attacks. The attackers were almost all in vehicles, a new development also seen in recent attacks on Helif.

Early November - 5 December 2006Attacks by Janjawid militia linked to the Ma'ariya ethnic group have been occurring over the last month in South Darfur in the area south east of Muhajaria, progressing steadily from the Mutawrat area towards Muhajaria. The SLA Free Will movement under the leadership of Adam Saleh has also been implicated in these attacks.

The most recent attacks took place in Kalajoh from 1-3 December. Fifteen civilians were killed: five older women, five young women, three minors who were trapped in a burning house, and two men. Humanitarian aid and foodstocks were also burnt.

In total at least 41 people have been killed in the villages of Mutawrat, An Gaboh, Um Deh, Hillat Tarablus, Hillat Tahlbah, Abu Hadid, Beh Hashi, Am Gedem, Lassus, An Gedeam, Kibeh, Kunbaleh, Shergeneh and Kalajoh. The actual death toll is likely to be much higher. In each attack the Janjawid burned the villages.

AI Index: AFR 54/086/2006
6 December 2006

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