REPUBLIC OF SUDAN: Security forces continue deadly onslaught on protestors and medical personnel

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27 Jan 2019
[International Secretariat]

Sudan's security forces must stop their ongoing deadly onslaught on protesters and medical personnel, Amnesty International said today following the death of two people, one of whom was a doctor, from gunshot wounds inflicted during the 17 January protests in Khartoum's Burri district.

The organization also received reports of further raids of medical facilities by security personnel, who fired teargas inside hospitals and assaulted doctors.

"The Sudanese authorities must immediately take charge of the security forces and ensure they stop using lethal force against protestors. They must also bring to an immediate end the continued onslaught against medical facilities and personnel, injured protestors and other people seeking treatment in hospitals, which constitutes violations of the rights to health and personal integrity.

Amnesty International spoke to a medical doctor on duty at Al Faisal Specialized Hospital in Khartoum on Thursday, who said security forces raided the hospital in the afternoon, fired teargas and arrested him and another doctor, as well as two other medical staff. The medics, who were beaten during the arrest, were detained and interrogated and were released several hours later.

The organization also verified videos shared on social media showing security forces opening fire on protesters gathered at a football pitch on Thursday. At least one fell to the ground as a result of his injury and had to be carried away by other protesters.

On 17 January, Sudan's security forces fired teargas into homes and buildings in the Burri area, an outright contravention of international guidelines on the use of force that require all force to comply with the principles of necessity and proportionality and forbid the use of teargas in confined spaces.

"This blatant violation of national and international laws must stop immediately, and independent and impartial investigations must be promptly launched into all allegations of human rights violations so that all those found responsible are brought to justice in fair trials," said Sarah Jackson.

"By participating in these protests, the people of Sudan are exercising their legitimate rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Instead of trying to curtail these rights, the government should address the root causes of the economic crisis that has driven the people to the streets."

18 January 2019

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