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【online】Stop Burning Our Rights: Interactive and Participatory Youth Workshop on Climate Change and Human Rights! /気候変動と人権に関するインタラクティブで参加型のワークショップ

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  4. 【online】Stop Burning Our Rights: Interactive and Participatory Youth Workshop on Climate Change and Human Rights! /気候変動と人権に関するインタラクティブで参加型のワークショップ

気候変動と人権に関するインタラクティブで参加型のワークショップ開催© Artur Widak/NurPhoto


Heatwaves in Canada, bushfires in Australia, floods in Germany, super typhoons in Japan - the impacts of anthropogenic climate change are getting more extreme and more dangerous. As human civilization is facing its greatest challenge and with science being unequivocal on this matter for a long time, most nations have not acted with a commensurate sense of urgency to avoid inevitable catastrophe. Our generation is the last one that can effectively mitigate further dangerous climate change and protect the rights of all living on this planet. Join us to learn more about the climate crisis, how it connects to human rights and what we all can do to make a difference!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why the climate crisis is happening and the results and consequences of its impacts
  • What human rights are, why they matter to all of us, who is most vulnerable, who is most responsible, and how the climate crisis is threatening those rights
  • How to effectively communicate to your peers and other change makers about the relationship between the climate crisis and human rights and take action to enact the change we all want to see

This workshop will be interactive and participatory, meaning it won't be one of those boring one-way lectures. Instead, you will be able to actively learn from your peers as well as your teachers.

We welcome all to provide their opinions and suggestions about how we can better organize the workshop. Furthermore, you will also receive a certificate verifying your participation! There will be subsequent projects and activities following this workshop of which we hope will lead to you becoming part of one of our action groups.


カナダの熱波、オーストラリアの山火事、ドイツの洪水、日本の超大型台風 - 人為的な気候変動の影響は、ますます極端に、危険になっています。人類の文明が最大の難問に直面しているにも関わらず、また、この問題に関して科学が長い間明白であったにも関わらず、ほとんどの国の政府は十分な対策を取っていません。私たちの世代は、すべての人の権利を保護することができる最後の世代です。気候危機、それが人権にどのように関係しているか、そして私たちは何ができるのかについて考えるワークショップの参加しませんか。


  • 気候危機が起こっている理由とその影響
  • 人権とは何か、私たち全員にとって人権が重要である理由、最も脆弱な人、最も責任のある人、そして気候危機がそれらの権利をどのように脅かしているのか
  • 気候危機と人権との関係について仲間や他の変革者と効果的にコミュニケーションを取り、私たちが望んでいる変革を実現するために行動を起こす方法


Sunday, 30 January 2022 11:00-17:00 (with breaks + time for networking)
2022年1月30日(日) 11時〜17時




Anyone between the age of 16-25 interested in the issue of climate change and human rights.This workshop will be held in English. We recommend that participants have at least a conversational level of English. Please contact us if you are unsure if your English level is commensurate with this standard.

人権と気候変動に興味があり、楽しく学びたい16歳~25歳の方。英語レベル:TOEICスコア650~800(目安) ※英語のレベルについて不安な方は、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

Number of participants/定員

Maximum of 30 people/30人まで




Please register for the workshop through the form below:

> https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Kfjbwo03wUS0ehwEOSTd8_5vvoWea2NOvPGxlXla4cVUNjY5UFBIWTc1S0NLMFVDNEI5TUpXSjVRTi4u

Please also set up an Edmodo account in order to participate in any of our pre- and post learning activities. Edmodo is an interactive learning platform, where you will find videos, quizzes and other learning materials that will help you to pre-learn material in advance, share your expectations for this workshop and introduce yourself to other participants. You can create an account either at www.edmodo.com or by downloading the app on your mobile device.

ワークショップのご参加の為にオンライン・ラーニング・プラットフォームのEdmodoのアカウントが必要です。アカウント登録はwww.edmodo.com または公式アプリでできます。


After registering, you will receive an email from us whether your participation for this workshop has been approved. This should come a couple of days after you registered.Looking forward to seeing you!



Free of charge/無料


This event is brought to you by our various English-speaking Amnesty volunteer groups throughout the country! Click below to find more about us:



Email: camp@amnesty.or.jp