【Event Report】STOP BURNING OUR RIGHTS! Regular Introductory Workshop for youth on climate change and human rights

From the scorching heat waves in Canada to the persistent drought in Europe, the devastating floods in Pakistan, and the onslaught of super typhoons in Japan, the repercussions of climate change fueled by the burning of fossil fuels are reaching unprecedented levels of severity and peril. The scientific consensus on this matter has been unequivocal for an extended period. Yet, the leaders in politics and corporations across the globe have not responded with the requisite urgency, perpetuating the exploitation of our planet for the short-term gains of a privileged few.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Amnesty International Japan has initiated a series of workshops in English, specifically designed for youth eager to deepen their understanding of the intricate links between climate change and human rights. These workshops aim to foster discussions on the challenges, impacts, and potential solutions to climate change. As an integral part of Amnesty's "Amazing Climate Taskforce" (ACT), youth from diverse backgrounds, spanning Japan, Nepal, Australia, Europe, Africa, and beyond, converge in a warm and inclusive environment. Not only do the youth actively participate in the workshops, but they also contribute to the planning and execution of these vital events.

On November 24, 2023, we conducted our latest online workshop, providing an insightful introduction to the intersection of climate change and human rights and beyond. The primary objectives of the workshop were to enhance youth awareness regarding climate change and human rights, strengthen networks among like-minded individuals, empower youth to effectively communicate on climate change to peers and policymakers, and inspire the formation of ACT-like networks worldwide.

The workshop unfolded in three distinct parts. Chris Kozak, a climate crisis education consultant and member of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps, initiated the first session by providing a comprehensive overview of climate change, sparking dialogues on avenues for advocating climate justice. Bjoern Schimkat, a campaigner at Amnesty Japan, led the subsequent session, delving into the intricate connections between climate change and human rights. Key questions were explored, addressing vulnerability, the human rights dimension, responsibility, and actionable steps. The final session, moderated by Aya Osawa, an intern at Amnesty Japan, embraced an interactive module where participants shared personal stories related to climate change and gained insights into effectively conveying these narratives to friends and policymakers.

The workshop concluded with a dynamic brainstorming session, exploring creative strategies to engage the wider public and amplify voices for climate justice. Looking ahead, Amnesty's "Amazing Climate Task Force" (ACT) is gearing up for more workshops that focus not only on climate change but also on effective communication for activism across social issues. We are actively seeking individuals interested in contributing to the planning and execution of these events. If you are enthusiastic about making a difference, please reach out to us at camp@amnesty.or.jp.

Together, we can drive meaningful change and advocate for a more just and sustainable future!

▽ Amnesty Climate Taskforce (ACT)


Date Friday, November 24, 2023, 19:30-22:00
Location Online (Zoom)
Host ACT! (Amazing Climate Taskforce)

(Writer: Intern Aya Osawa)

Aya Osawa

Aya Osawa

Intern with Amnesty International Japan, currently pursuing studies at International Christian University (Japan) with law (major) / development studies (minor). Studied at Durham University (UK) on a one-year exchange programme, during which she became involved as a student member of Amnesty International Durham University Branch. Her study focuses on international human rights, international law, peace and development. A founding member of GPE (Global Partnership for Education) Youth Ambassador Japan.